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My Senior Picture (2003)My name is Nathan Brown. I am currently working at Rockwell Collins and attending University of Iowa's MBA program to further my education and eventually be able to manage engineering projects.

I have graduated from LeTourneau University, a Christian University in east Texas that focuses on technology. My degree was B.S. Engineering, Electrical concentration with minors in both computer science and mathematics.

Born in September of 1982, I am the oldest child of my family. I attended both public and private school, graduating from Hosanna Christian School.

My early interest was in computer software and have written and helped with several different programs. Including a file sharing search engine for LeTourneau's campus, Gnucleus, JPEG2000 and MJPG add-ons for ImageMagick, and a data logging and display program for a race car.

My real interest is the future of computing and smart devices, thus my major in electrical engineering. Recently I have ported a real time operating system (RTOS) to an embedded processor I have been using.  The result is uC/OS-II for PIC18 processors.

By now you may be wondering what the meaning of sputnick is in my web site name. The official reason is that it is my nickname by my homies on my dorm floor, and also because nathanbrown.com was already taken.

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